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The way you breathe is telling you more then you think...

The way we breathe influences the way we think, the choices we make, the way our body works, and yes it can heal one's body as well as it can sicken it! Our breathing habits can impact our body shape. So don't underestimate your respiratory system!

Breathing is the corner stone of the Slim & Shape Yoga Systeem©. If you're ready to learn more about:

  • how to influence your way of breathing, by using certain breathing techniques,

  • how to get your body (shape) and mind on the same page :-)

  • and how to apply all of that in everyday life....

...then you definitely have to join this unique Slim & Shape Yoga© workshop on the 23th of January at the Yoga Point studio in Woerden!

Suitable for all levels! Men and women are welcome.

Just sign in to ensure your spot! See you soon, on the mat!

Love Kamasc

photo: PAAR photography

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