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Yoga Teacher Training 300hrs (YA) 
Koh Samui, August 2015

Dear reader,

Since 2010 I have been an avid yoga practitioner. Yoga put my life back in order after an extended period of chaos and confusion. I soon realized that what skipping a day or two of yoga meant for my body & mind and it quickly became a daily routine.

After the yoga classes I took in 2012 both in Miami and New York, I wanted more! More depth and understanding of what exactly I was doing and why it felt so good. So, I intensified my daily routines and in the second half of 2013 I started my very first teacher training. 

My passion for yoga continued to grow with me and in 2014 I furthered my yoga education training (200 hours). During this further training, I decided to continue my education even more with an intensive training for teachers program at Absolute Yoga Academy in Thailand. This is the school that also hosts one of my favorite teachers - Briohny Smyth.

I will write a blog (which you will be able to see below), especially for you and myself to share my experiences and be able to look back at what I have learned. Hopefully this blog will add value in finding your own yoga path.

Love, Kamasc🌸

Acceptance Letter...

July 29, 2015|Kamasc

...Now you will get an idea of what I will go through! This letter is not the original letter. I skipped some info which I want to keep private.

Love, Kamasc🌸

I Want To Sit Next To This Man!

July 30, 2015|Kamasc

Finally! I'm on my way to Thailand. I discovered a meditation room at the airport. Unfortunately located right next to the bathrooms. For me no meditation right now. With a 16-hour flight ahead, I will have enough time to meditate. 

Now I have arrived at the gate, and am looking for a good spot to wait as we start to board the plane. I have to wait here. Right away I knew to whom I wanted to sit next to: the energy of the man over there is good. 

Almost instantly we start talking about the meaning of life and the meaning we have given to our own. Life! Talking about all the things we have yet to try, no matter what. We started talking about professions and he mentioned how he used to work for a metal company in steel processing. But not being fully fulfilled with his current job, something had to change. Now he has been working at a Psychiatric Center for more than 11 years, and one of his main functions include being a mentor and guide to those dealing with mental disorders. He works with live-in patients who spend a long time at the center, as they try to learn to curb and lessen their permanent disorders. Schizophrenia, depression and psychosis, are just a few disorders that he gets to experience face-to-face on a daily basis.

We spoke about how easily it is for people to judge others situations and state of mind. However, we often have no idea what others are going through and the vicious cycles that won't let them go. Also, we realized that most of these people don't have a good solid support system, and with genetic factors involved, it's even harder to keep on track.

It was very refreshing to find someone with such great topics of conversation. It is time to board the plane. As we are walking to the gate, he asked me if I have ever considered going into psychiatry. We seem to be speaking the same language. He smiled at me as he mentioned how incredible I seemed to understand these people. 

We board the plane. We go our separate ways. And there is a sense of nostalgia as I realize I would never see him again.

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 1 Blurred!

August 2, 2015|Kamasc

Today’s yoga vibe

I'm having monkey mind. All kinds of feelings and thoughts at the same time. Blurred!

The physical practice was not that challenging for me as I hoped but I think and hope this will change. My teacher training (200hrs) in The Netherlands was pretty profound. It’s like this Thailand course is continuing where I left off! It's all about the kriya's (shat karma), which are advanced pranayama techniques!

Check Instagram for an impression!

Love, Kamasc🌸


August 3, 2015|Kamasc

Today’s yoga vibe

Feeling great today! Maybe I was just having jetlag yesterday.


A lot of technical talk. It’s all about ‘anatomical movement’ and talking about the ashtanga asanas. Pretty much going over adjustment techniques.

Impression is on Instagram!

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 3 Self Massage

August 4, 2015|Kamasc

Today’s yoga vibe
Although I got everything I wished for today, I feel exhausted. I'm irritated about almost everything.

We had such a tough ashtanga practice this morning, with our teachers Michel and Rosaline. Just what I wanted! In the afternoon we were taught about core integration and self massage by Louis Jackson, our teacher for the next three days. It is already amazing. Never before have I experienced such a deep abdominal self massage, myofascial cervical - and thoracic spine massage.

For the impression go to Instagram.

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 4 Rolling

August 5, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe
I'm in a great mood! Feel free, purified, renewed and open-minded.

Since we're doing all those specific abdominal self roll massages, my digestive system is rolling too. Wow, it feels amazing! Without going into too much detail, I had four bathroom visits today. It's like a big clean up! 

If you have a digestive system that's healthy and in perfect condition then you have at least one bathroom visit per day.

Can't wait to take all this knowledge and techniques that we learnt back to my homeland, The Netherlands.

For the impression go to Instagram.

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 5 Too Tired

August 6, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe

Very sleepy. Can barely handle the day.

DAY 6 I Can't Do It At All!

August 7, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe

Feel neutral today. Have had longer sleep tonight, and took my Pea Pure food supplement this morning. I forgot to take it yesterday afternoon. I have used this supplement for only two weeks now (3 capsules per day), and I'm experiencing a huge difference in my nervous system already.


Personal insight

Found out that doing nauli (cleaning exercise for the belly organs) is kind of hard for me. To be honest I can't do it at all! That means that I can't soften the belly with an active uddiyana bandha on an exhale. Doing backbends will help soften the belly. Then nauli will be obtainable. 


Louis Jackson, one of our teachers shared with us this quote: "Your power is hidden in your weakness." 


James, one of the students shared with us this quote: "If you think you got something bad, ask yourself in what way is it good". 


For a visual impression of the day go to Instagram


Love, Kamasc🌸

Day 7 Goodbye!

August 8, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe

Relaxed, strong, vivid, happy and very very flexible!



Today was the last day we had Louis Jackson as a teacher (see photo). The past four days he taught us all about self massage, myofascial massage, how to treat trigger points and anatomical positions amongst other things!


Big breakthroughs!

Had a couple of big breakthroughs in my ashtanga practice today! I've been practicing ashtanga for about four years now, although not on a regular basis I have to admit. This morning I was able to do the seated asanas: Marichyasana D, Supta Kurmasana, Garbha Pindasana and Kukktasana! These are really tough poses which requires a lot of flexibility and strength! Marichyasana D is also known as the toughest pose of the primary serie I've been practicing!


How you act on your mat is a reflection of how you act in real life!


For more photos check Instagram!


Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 8 Finally Our First Day Off

August 9, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe

I feel proud and tired. I made it through the first week of the intensive Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 (500 RYT) at the Absolute Yoga Academy in Thailand Koh Samui.

This is our first day off. I've decided not to go anywhere. Staying by the pool, blogging. And having some lovely raw food from the Love Kitchen.

Check Instagram for more photos.

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 9 Exhausted

August 10, 2015|Kamasc


Today's yoga vibe
One word: exhausted. 

Last two days I haven't gotten enough energy from the food. The program is very intense. And the days are (too) long in my opinion. There isn't a lot of free time, let alone private time. I miss my raw chocolate and my boosting green shakes. 

These next four days we will have the anatomy module taught by Michael Watson. Not my favorite module, because I find it hard to get a good understanding of all those fascia, muscle layers and anatomical movements etc. in the body. Though it's incredibly interesting and necessary if you want to further your teaching skills. 

Quotes from Michael Watson (anatomy teacher): "If something (in the body) is not moving then something else has to move more."

Want to see more photos? Go to Instagram.

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 10 Morning Routine

August 11, 2015|Kamasc

Today’s yoga vibe

I feel much better today. The pranayama and the kriyas are slowly coming into my system.

Morning routine

We do a lot every morning. Six days a week. At 6.45 am we start with pranayama and some kriyas.

Mysore practice
Up next is the mysore ashtanga practice. This means that you do the whole primary serie on your own every morning after pranayama. At your own pace, with the assistance of the teachers. The picture shows what the serie looks like. It takes about 1,5 hours to do the whole serie. In the beginning you can't do all the poses. Generally speaking, it takes about 5 years for a yogi to master all the asanas from this serie. 

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 11 Queen's Day

August 12, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe
I felt heavy this morning. Yesterday evening I ate too much banana cake and unhealthy chocolate. Artificial sugars are toxic to the body. My ashtanga practice went very slowly this morning. It felt like I was holding back. And actually I was! By all that sugar!

Queen's day
Today is Queen's day in Thailand. Therefore, my roommate and I found these towel animals in our room, when we came back from the morning practice. The cleaning lady made them for us. Such a nice present! On Queen's day all mothers should be honored, they say. 

Today's quote
"Motion is the lotion" by Michael Watson (our anatomy teacher). This means that we need to keep the body moving in order to get the fascia and the joints moistured. This will prevent us from a lot of health problems. 

For more photos go to Instagram.


Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 12 Goodbye Michael

August 13, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe
I feel much better than yesterday. I didn't allow myself to eat artifical sugar anymore, just to see how practice would go without the crap. Needless to say, it went a lot better this morning :-)


Today is Michael's last day teaching Anatomy Trains.

For more photos go to Instagram.


Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 13 Day Off!

August 14, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe

I feel so blessed! 


Once per week we have a day off. So I will go to the beach and also do some shopping. But first a mani-pedi. We will also make another couple of videos for Casa Aum (a Mexican company) today. Go to Facebook to see the videos! 

For more photos go to Instagram.

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 14 Upside down

August 15, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe
I feel good today! The morning pranayama and ashtanga practice went well. 
The other yogis are starting to become familiar to me. We spend so much time together!

New module: upside down
Today the third module has started. This module is all about inversions. Time to go upside down! Our teacher for inversions for the next three days is Rob Lucas, the master of inversions!

For more upside downs go to Instagram!

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 15 No Escape

August 16, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe
A day full of ashtanga and inversions is tough, very tough. During this day I wanted to escape. It was very confrontating being face-to-face with the lazy and weak part of me.


Lots of inversions today, from the master of inversions!

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 16 Heavy as Hell

August 17, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe 
Feel energized from all those inversions and backbends we did! 

Today is the last day with the incredible Rob Lucas. The inversion man!

The exercises we did with him were challenging and heavy as hell. But now at least I know which parts of the body I have to engage in certain inversions and what NOT to do! Like jumping into my handstand relying on the flexibility of my back and not engaging the arms, core and legs instead. 

We have had three amazing days with Rob, and today sadly is the last. So we said goodbye.

For more inversions go to Instagram!

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 17 Yoga Overload

August 18, 2015|Kamasc


Today's yoga vibe
I feel very tired today. Talk about Yoga Overload! I would love to do something totally different now, like a day for myself to enjoy some quiet time. Today everything feels like it's too much. 

Every single morning we do the full primary ashtanga serie. It's hard. The tendency seems to be that it's taking energy away from me, instead of giving it to me. Around noon I'm exhausted, so it's hard for me to stay awake. 

For photos go to Instagram.

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 18 Energy Is Flowing!

August 19, 2015|Kamasc


Today's yoga vibe
I have so much energy today! :-) My ashtanga practice flowed really strong this morning. It felt so good! Totally the opposite of yesterday!

Yesterday and today we dove into adjustments. Our goal was to learn how to teach students get into a safe asana with the right alignment. If needed, with modifications. 

For more photos (of adjustments) go to Instagram

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 19 Bangkok

August 20, 2015|Kamasc


Today's yoga vibe
My day off! Today I'll only do the things I want to do and at a very slow pace :-) I feel good, free and happy! It's the last day off we have. After today we have 8 days left to go.

I went to Central Festival alone. It felt so good to do something by myself! Central Festival is the shopping area here on Koh Samui. On my way to this place, the taxi driver and I talked about what happened in Bangkok a couple of days ago. It's scary to have something happen like this so close by.

For more photos go to Instagram

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 20 Nutrition

August 21, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe

I feel good.



We got into nutrition with Lucas Rockwood today. He is the co-owner of Absolute Yoga Academy. The Love Kitchen is also one of his ideas.

Our daily meals where catered by the Love Kitchen. To see some amazing platters go to Instagram.

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 21 The Business Of Yoga

August 22, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe
Feel a little emotional today. I couldn't come into the flow of the daily morning ashtanga practice. It felt like my body and mind didn't want to be on the mat there with me. I felt like I wasn't able to do anything right.

The business of yoga
After breakfast we had a workshop with Lucas again talking about the business of yoga. He owns multiple blooming businesses. He shared with us a lot of great ideas. Although, I realized that due each countries own cultural differences, his marketing tactics might not be applicable all around.

Later on, after dinner, I had the possibility to have a 15 min one-on-one with Lucas for more personal marketing related questions. That was helpful! 


As always, the meals provided by The Love Kitchen were delicious today!

For more photos go to Instagram.

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 22 Bye Bye Lucas!

August 23, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe
I feel OK. A lot of information to digest. I'm looking forward being back in The Netherlands to apply all this information.

Last day with Lucas Rockwood. Like yesterday, we talked about the business of yoga. The information Lucas gave us is practical. I like that. 

Bye bye Lucas! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

For more photos go to Instagram.

Love, Kamasc🌸

DAY 23 Yoga For Back Care & Scoliosis

August 24, 2015|Kamasc

Today's yoga vibe
I feel OK. Little excited about the new teacher we have.

The next couple of days we'll dive into back care and scoliosis with Deborah Wolk from New York. She has scoliosis herself. With scoliosis your vertebras are not in the right place: spinal deformation. Which gives you discomfort and pain.

Deborah shows us how we can help our clients with scoliosis by offering them modified asanas. Therefore she uses a lot of props. It seems like Iyengar but much more gentle!

For more pictures go to Instagram!

Love, Kamasc🌸

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